About us

Ledo Ads in Chinese means “Advertising Here”. We are here to make outdoor media at all sizes BE SEEN and ACCESSIBLE in ONE single place. We truly believe TECHNOLOGY inspires conversations and connects communities. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING can color our CITY

Media Management

LeDo successfully turns the originally idle Hongkong Post Infrastructures into more than 2,000 searchable outdoor ad spots online. This not only brings additional revenue to the media host, but also beautify the plain structures with vibrant advertisements, making the streets look more lively.


Versatile Strategies. Happy Customers.


Since we kick started as a media-tech startup in 2016, we have committed to deliver a novel marketplace converging media owners and advertisers. Reshaping the way outdoor media is marketed and connected to advertisers, Ledo has been widely recognized as a technology leader in outdoor advertising industry.

Media Exposure

Introducing the state-of-the-art commercial model to the industry, with cutting-edge technology integration power, Ledo stands out within the industry and has been recognized by independent professional organizations.


Our mission is to make BUYING, SELLING, and DELIVERING out-of-home media easier than ever. We want to bring what seems to be traditional marketing to people with a new twist that will be refreshing and impactful. Behind Ledo platform is a team of resourceful developers and industry experts building the cutting-edge media technology at an OPEN and AGILE culture, and FRIENDLY environment. If you're ready to take your career in media tech to the next level, JOIN US! Contact us at hr@ledoads.com.