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LeDo provides Ads Space in all over Hong Kong. You can find the right Ads Space for you by focusing on specific target groups and choosing different types of Ads on our platform.

Find your district-specific and target-group-specific offline Ads Space to run your Ads!

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Renting Procedure


Find the right Ads Space for you depending on the district, types of Ads etc.


Pay online with your credit card


LeDo Ads prints and transports the Ads for you


You Ads will be run at your chosen time and venue

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Leasing Ads Space

LeDo Ads is a transparent O2O advertising platform that promotes the idea od shared economy. We turn vacant spaces that are typically ignored in daily life into Ads Space on our platform. We are building an open, transparent and reliable environment for all advertisers and space owners.

Whether you are an eatery, store or newspaper stand owner, you can become an Ads Space owner through registration with us. With a simple verification process, you can lease out your space and earn extra income in no time!

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Leasing Procedure


Locate your vacant spaces


Register the information online


Advertisers rent your Ads Space on our platform


Post the advertising material


Receive your rent with no difficulty

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